Chrome for linux mint 13

Those of you that have a 32 bit installation of linux mint or any installation of linux mint are out of luck. Firefox 20 has been already out and it is available for linux mint 14 via ppa repository. Google chrome is available for linux, windows and mac os. Install the latest firefox on linux mint maya 3264bit. Google chrome browser is the most popular internet browser. Google chrome drops support for 32 bit and mint linux. However, youre still free to install any other web browser as you like. In the case of linux mint, the default browser is mozilla firefox. Install mozilla firefox 20 on linux mint linux mint 14 itzgeek. How to install latest firefox 71 on linux mint maya 3264bit.

Chrome os, itself based on the linux kernel, can now run linux appsthe circle is complete. Firefox is an opensource, free and one of the most powerful browsers for the web. Im not crazy about the choices of thunderbird, i much prefer evolution for email or firefox over chrome. Google chrome is the most popular web browser in 2017 and linux mint, the most popular linux distro. If youve got the latest version of chrome os, and a fairly new chromebook, you can now install some of the best applications linux has to offer. If you want to install another web browser then you can try chromium or install chrome using debian package. In linux mint maya, cinnamon edition firefox web browser is installed by default. Firefox is an open source, free and one of the most powerful browsers for the web. Install mozilla firefox 20 on linux mint linux mint 14. Google chrome is not in the default linux repositories, so if you would like to install it through the terminal, you would have to add the right repository. I am a 74 year old new linux user mint maya 32 bit and installed the chrome browserhated it and cannot find how to uninstall it. In linux mint you get firefox as a default but you still need chrome to be installed.

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